Champions of Bhumant



I was minding my business when I was captured by a group of soldiers, stripped of my gear. after a time of riding in the wagon a group of archers removed most of the guards, I then figured that it was prudent to help save those that were in the same situation I was so I jumped one of the guards and kept him occupied for a time until he finally knocked me to the side and swatted me with his short sword.. I now own his short sword.
We were asked by the group if we could assist in removing the Baron of Skelside Stronghold as he was cruel to the peoples of the area.
I felt akin to those people as I once was abused by people and finally headed out on my own a good 13 years ago if my reckoning is correct.
Well we finally went in with a mob at our backs and aided in taking down the Baron and his guards. I was able to earn some money for my pelts. looking forward to see what other luck I have.
I find the Comte interesting, I am curious about his device he has seemed to aid a couple of the others with, but I am also not wanting to have it used on me, it looks like it hurts.


Throning_Karma KeithBailey

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