Champions of Bhumant

Captain's Log - Supplemental

Stardate 2.1

We awoke the second day of my command to discover a beached skiff with a small hole in the hull and no sails, but otherwise in good shape. Remembering that the ship’s carpenter and the wood & sails needed to restore the skiff were only a few hours walk back to the wreck, I put DJ in charge of a small team to retrieve the resources. He took Henry the harpooner, his “bodyguard” & 5 other men. Tosas & I remained with the skiff and the balance of the crew resting for the tasks before us and hoping to gather some more fish to supplement the rations.

I heard some movement and motioned for the crew to be ready to fight. Next thing I knew I woke up in shackles. WTF!!! How could this happen again?? You’ve got to be kidding me.

I was chained to some kind of stone pillar in a line that included all the men from the skiff and those we had left with the wreckage. We seemed to be between a stone temple and a massive bubbling pool of blood. Our captors were large red men covered in hair bearing clubs and the one in charge was chanting and periodically threw one of the bound men into the pool. They would scream and be engulfed completely. The line of men was disappearing way too fast.

None of us seemed to have any luck freeing ourselves and the situation was bleak. Then, from out of the forest DJ charged in bone sword held high. His whole team followed and engaged the enemy. I could do nothing but watch. He beheaded one of the creatures and sent an icicle into the leader, clearly doing a serious injury. But he was hit from behind by one of the enemy as he ran past. The leader threw another man into the pool which bubbled more quickly. Tosas managed to break free and joined the fight. From the pool emerged a giant monkey creature. Tosas killed the leader and the creature dissipated, thank the gods.

I finally got free in time to help clean up the few remaining enemy. We found our gear along with some huts, but most of the crew was gone. We are down to 10 men. On the bright side, the food will stretch further and we now have shelter and fresh water. We have some time to figure out what we do from here, but will we survive the island? I must put on a brave face for my crew. They look up to me and need my strong leadership more than ever now.


Throning_Karma Link_Cap

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