Champions of Bhumant

Bean's Journal Entry #3

The Ambush at the Cave of Doom

I have been plagued with bad dreams since I helped the group escape from the Forlandi military…Dream’s of blood, of mayhem, of murder……I know not what to make of it.

We had continued toward the treasure cave that Swen Wall says is further into Forland (A nation devoid of humanity, one run as a machine), we have already run into their patrol who tried to capture Swen, caring little for any collateral damage (namely myself and the others). So when the group decided to lay a trap for the bastards I readily agreed! As we were fleeing a patrol group found us and started chasing us, they loosed their arrows and one found my thigh, I nearly collapsed but fought through the pain and made it into the cave. From what I was told the enemy formed lines outside to bar our escape, and moved into position to charge us. I saw Swen shoot the first one to round the corner at us, Mori Takeshi fought valiantly when a miss step and sweep shattered his sword. Thorn and I waited for an opportune time to strike. I found one and jumped into the fray whist killing a few soldiers. A soldier nearly killed me with a backslash of his sword and I fought for my life. The next thing I know the Comte Armand De’Monet rides up and sticks a needle in my ass and I feel refreshed. As the other’s subdue the rest of the soldiers their captain pulls out an explosive device and nearly collapses the tunnel behind us. Only one of the enemies survived, one Lt. Heinrich graciously agreed to work for the Comte.

The next morning we went into the cave where we were attack by a horde of dog sized Scorpions, they fought hard but we finally won the day, as we went through the cave system we found the Scorpion brood queen and quickly dispatched her and found out way into the most elaborate treasure rooms any of us had ever seen. I found some knives and a small suit of armor that somehow fits perfectly. There was gold and jewels by the chest full, books and equipment, weapons and armor and one Sword in the Stone. I wonder what drove that weapon so deeply into the stone and why we couldn’t extract it from there? Oh well, I’m rich now…I’ll never have to worry about food again. That is enough for me!


Throning_Karma Throning_Karma

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