Champions of Bhumant

Bean's Journal Entry #2

The Case of the Murdered Man

After making short work of the Robber Baron (Le’Douche) Drayfus, we set out for a location that Swen Wall know’s about and no matter the questions he does not divulge the information requested…He just said that it is IMPORTANT that we go there. Know him to be at least a decent man (after all he did put his life on the line for the people of Skelside) I followed along. We had some difficulty crossing the River Elb at the bridge at Tauber as a recent flood had collapsed it. So we headed down towards Trier the large city at the delta of the Elb as we agreed there would be a higher chance of finding a bridge. As we journeyed down we met a ferryman who was just finishing up for the day and was going across to his home so he gave us a discounted rate. We had a short encounter with some wolves who I was able to keep out of the way, one particularly nasty one was able to take Thorn down and nearly sever his nads. Thankfully for the quick intervention of Content Not Found: null and Mori Takeshi they were able to save at least the appearance of them. As we were heading south-east into Forland we came across a man who had just appeared out of a depression in the local plains and headed away from us. To my great shame I saw Sven raise his long rifle and shot the man though the head for no reason but to do it (the man didn’t even see us). Takeshi quickly dealt a knock-out blow from the back of his exotic blade and laid low the man we had trusted to lead us to his mysterious location (I am beginning to like this foreigner). We looked into where the man came out of and found a small chest with a few hundred Florins (his meager life’s savings), we decided to take his body back to the nearest town with the money and find if he had a family. We found he had a wife and an unbelievable 10 kids, we gave her her husbands money and our condolences this caught the sheriff off guard as he did not interrogate us thoroughly. We continued onward and found out that our friend the murderer is also wanted by the Forlandi Military for an unknown (to me) reason, we were confronted by an armed Knight and his unit who came to arrest Sven, (I’m beginning to see a pattern here) Sven shot at the Knight with no prior provocation then “Halt, you are under arrest.” We were able to stay alive by some luck at alot of skill (this group is quite handy with their blades and guns (and bow’s) ). As some archer’s were firing from horseback and I can say is inspiration came over me as I ran and jumped between them whist slicing their throats before they had time to react (am I a monster? Or is this real life?). After the battle the Comte persuaded a man to join our group one Sgt. Andreas Schultz. When pressed Sven divulged why we are going further into Forland to plunder a cave of treasure…Shall I trust him or kill him? Time will tell.


Throning_Karma Throning_Karma

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