Champions of Bhumant

Bean's Journal

Finding Heroes!!!

I was traveling with the raiding band of the Skelside Rebels when we came across a wagon train with prisoners headed to the Baron Dreyfus’ castle. We set an ambush and executed it perfectly, I am proud of the group I came to love! After the battle we sorted out that the prisoners were nothing more than at the wrong place at the wrong time, They were captured because the soldiers thought they were with the rebels.

We convinced Comte Armand De’Monet, Swen Wall, Thorn and Takeshi Mori to take up the cause to bring down the robber baron. I joined with them to show the way and to make sure they wouldn’t betray us in the end.

As we made our way to the castle Comte Armand De’Monet talked us into an audience with the Baron Drayfus, after we assuaged his concerns the Comte seduced the Baron’s wife and learned of the plight of the villagers. He then roused them to overthrow the tyrant and we won the day.


Throning_Karma Throning_Karma

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