Champions of Bhumant

Background - Baxter

Xander Seabrook was the Lord of a midsized fishing village. He had a lovely wife, two sons and a daughter. A decade later, the family was blessed with another son. Lady Seabrook and her daughter doted on the new baby and kept him close. Since Lord Seabrook’s time was spent on his duties with the assistance of his older sons he had no objection.

Young Baxter was raised and educated within the manor with all his needs provided for by his mother, sister and servants. He had a great talent with a bow, but no real responsibilities. As he entered adolescence, he grew tired of being babied and longed to see the outside world. He just knew that with his talents he could go forth and make his own name and fortune.

At 15, he decided he was man enough to take on the world. He gathered his bow & quiver, a change of clothes and what coin he could easily lay his hands on and took a small boat as far away as a day’s paddling could take him. He wasn’t sure if it was far enough, but his hands hurt. He had the muscle to keep rowing, but had soft hands which blistered quickly (a malady he had never suffered before). Since he had never been to any of the neighboring towns, he was sure he didn’t have to worry about being recognized and returned home. He was tired and thirsty after the day’s work. At the docks he asked a worker where he might find food and drink. The man and his friends were kind enough to show him to a nearby tavern and he thought it only right to thank them with a drink. Rather than wine, the men ordered whiskey, which he had never tried. The stuff tasted awful, but he wasn’t going to let them think he couldn’t keep up. After one look at Baxter’s coins, the barkeep was happy to keep the drink coming. The world was getting a little hazy, but it was fun and everyone was so nice! Why hadn’t he ventured out before? His head started to dip a bit.

The next thing he knew, he woke up with a splitting headache chained to a huge oar.


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