Champions of Bhumant

Assuming Command of the Damned

After killing the Captain on the ship that held me prisoner, I became the new captain. I initially offered the position of first mate to the Kraken mage DJ who was so vital to our revolution. Tosas asked to be considered for the position and seemed very qualified, mentioning things about being a quartermaster and creating article for ruling the crew. SInce DJ didn’t seem to care either way, I gave the position to Tosas. Henry the harpooner had no desire to be an officer.

The first order of business was to regain control of the ship. It was being driven faster than I thought the ship could go by some mysterious force. The rudder had broken off in the fight, so we couldn’t turn. We tried dragging some old sails in the water behind the ship to slow us down with little effect. Soon a rocky shore came into view. All we could do was brace for impact as the ship broke upon the rocks.

Most of the crew died in the crash. I gathered the survivors and had them scavenge the wreck for food, water, fishing gear & other essentials. We found ourselves on an island made of volcanic rock. There was nothing on the shore but rock, not even birds or sealife. There were several volcanoes and a dense forest in the distance.

We obviously couldn’t survive long in the open with no food, drinkable water or shelter. I discussed with my officers whether we were better off heading directly for the forest or walking along the shoreline and we agreed to stick to the shore.

Some of the survivors who had been prisoners and had no experience at sea wanted to wait for rescue by the wreckage. They seemed to feel strongly and I didn’t need to be burdened with men who couldn’t care for themselves, so I offered to let any who wanted stay and have a share of the provisions & gear. More chose to stay than I expected and they wanted more than their share of the supplies. After DJ shot the most vocal opposition with a bolt of power, a few more came to join my group. We took our rightful share of supplies and walked along the shore until shortly before dusk.

We made camp and tried to get what fish we could to supplement the hard tack. During the night, we heard scratching noises coming closer. We lit two torches and passed out the few weapons we had. DJ and I stayed on the high ground on a large rock, Tosas & Henry moved forward with the torchbearers, the remaining armed sailors right behind.

There was a huge lizard with a yellow back. It was easy enough to kill, but when it dropped two more followed. One of these killed a sailor. We quickly dropped them as well. Looks like we’ll have plenty of lizard to eat for a few days.


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