Champions of Bhumant

(Comte) Ambush at the Treasure Cave

(and WE did the ambushing for once!)

(so I arrived a bit late as my folks took us out for dinner)

as I rounded the corner I saw my friends (yes, I suppose at this point they ARE my friends…. how odd that this group of misfits have turned out to be better people than the nobility I am accustomed to…..) were being oppressed by Forlandian troops. Takeshi was (as usual) wounded, as was Bean. Thorn was nowhere to be seen at the time though I (correctly) assumed he was lurking somewhere ready to pounce. I healed up Takeshi and slashed a soldier as Cheval crushed another soldier’s skull. I was surrounded, but Swen charged in and between the two of us we dispatched all the melee. Takeshi killed the Captain and the archers were swiftly disposed of with an Archer Lt. named Heinrich exhibiting great wisdom as he listened to me and joined our side (we also got 2 torch bearers/camp workers in the bargain!)

We camped for the night to recover and the next morning enetered the treasure cave. Some scorpions bugged us (get it) but we exterminated them (get it :) ) Inside the cavern was the greatest treasure I’ve ever had the fortune to look upon (and I’ve seen the banks of Paris!) there was an odd sword in a stone that none of us could remove (a mystery for another day) Everyone found items and weapons to suit them (even a lovely bow for Andreas). I myself found a pair of rapiers, a brace of pistols, and a suit of leather with a feather light breastplate of exquisite manufacture. We were about to leave and begin moving the gold out when I heard someone yelling from a small chest. Inside was, of all things, a bejeweled chalice that possessed intelligence! It agreed to serve as my cause was just (I know, how cliche!).

I have a plan to present to Swen and the others as to how we can, potentially, solve some of the issues that beset us……


Throning_Karma faradhii

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